MREs ration packs

Ever tried eating MREs? I just bought 2 boxes off ebay.

:popcorn: ← not an mre

They are okay. Some almost good, some pretty bad.

No desire to try them again. It’s like Lunchables level of edible. Albeit typically hot with the built-in heat pack.

If you’re looking for reviews, this guy on YouTube eats a bunch, some of them are quite old.

They’re fun to eat. It’s exciting opening all the little packages. I wouldn’t make a habit out of it due to the very high sugar content.

Ya I know of that guy.


My MREs are here! shipping was so fast!

Less than two hours…that is fast.

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No, I bought them a few days ago.

Do either of them include the tiny bottle of Tabasco?

I’m not sure yet. I hope so.

We had them for lunch during Desert Storm when I was in 6th grade.

Really? Why?

It was some kind of support the troops thing or something. We also had a soldier come and talk about being over there too. That was 31 years ago so my memories are pretty vague.


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Not MRE, but I’ve tried some dehydrated meals while camping, would definitely recommend for hiking camping, but you need to add your own boiling water.


  1. Even the military doesn’t want its troops eating MREs for more than a couple of days in a row.

  2. One of the military considerations for circumstances where a soldier might need to survive on MREs for a couple of days is a desire to not have to deal with too much poop. The implications of this are left as an exercise for the reader.

Point 2 is the reason I keep a couple of tubs of dehydrated food around in case of disaster, rather than a couple of cases of MREs.

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My oldest son is in the Marines. When he says hey, anyone want to try MREs with me? it’s not because you’re sitting down to something akin to a Thanksgiving Dinner, unless you’re thinking of one out of a horror movie.

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