Moving from US to Canada

If anyone here as experience moving from the US to Canada and dealing with getting recognition as a FCIA when you are already an FCAS and you are willing to share your experiences/advice, can you either PM me or share here?



I looked into getting FCIA when my company had Canadian exposures.

I would imagine that you might need to sit for the Canadian version of Exam 6; and have some years of experience with a Canadian book (I want to say 3) to be recognized as an FCIA.

I don’t think I can sit for 6C because I have credit for 6U.

My company has had a Canadian branch since 2007, but I haven’t done the Canadian regulatory analyses (DCAT/FCT or the AAR), we had a consultant for those. I did the reserving under US standards for that book, but I doubt that counts.

Sholom Feldblum did (although it was 7C and 7U at the time).

As I understand it, you get credit for 6U when you take 6C (hence, not being able to take 6U); but the converse is not true.


Oh interesting. Thanks for that info.

Well, it’s been awhile when I got the FCIA credential, but besides passing the appropriate Canadian exam I needed to have an existing FCIA review some of my Canadian work.

i believe the Canadian continuing ed requirements were more onerous than the US were.

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I did get confirmation that I can take exam 6C, become an ACIA, then get 12 months of Canadian experience to get FCIA. Studying for another actuarial exam doesn’t sound all that wonderful, but it could be worse.

Anyone have Canadian recruiter recommendations?

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