Mortality trends (non-pandemic)

I didn’t see any mention of the topic in your blog, but curious about your thoughts on the pandemic “accelerating” deaths. I would expect to begin to see a few periods of lower than historical deaths due to the acceleration of deaths during the pandemic. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that in 2022.
The continued high levels in 2022 seem even worse than what your graphs are showing. (suicides, drugs overdoses and homicides must really be increasing)

If it’s accelerating deaths, it would be among the oldest (age 85+)

So, the age 85+ mortality rate was actually lower in 2021 than in 2020 (forget about 2022). COVID may have cleared out “dry tinder”.

It was still higher than in 2019, though.

COVID was >100% of their excess mortality in 2021:

so perhaps COVID killed off the very old who would have died of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, chronic lower respiratory disease, etc.In 2021. Some of them.

But it would really only apply to those over age 80 or so.

Technically, they’re all accelerated.
A bounce-back would presume that the deaths were among those likely to die sooner than the average.

Finalized 2021 stats got uploaded to CDC WONDER, so I’m updating all my graphs, etc.

First things first – cause of death ranking tables!

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I’ll put this here: World's oldest person, French nun Sister André, dies aged 118 - BBC News

So the CSO table ending at 121 is still intact. :slight_smile:

Been posted a bunch of times in various places on GoA.

Generally speaking the thread for the oldest person dying is here: