We get eggs

Do not think this is a great way to get around egg inflation, alas. We have to buy duck feed.

Also, some of those ducks in those pics are dead. They got eaten by foxes. It’s a lot easier to simply buy eggs at the store.

Have a duck video, from 4 years ago

Is it? We have some shortage here. (Not duck, though i’m not sure where I’d get duck eggs, except at the Farmers’ Market.)

No ducking way!

I’ve never seen the boyton books. They look interesting and since I’m now on a hunt to build a large collection of kids books, Imma have to buy some of those - thanks!
We already have i-spy books and Dr. Suess books from when our kids were…kids. I don’t know if we have the racist ones or not though. Not that I care, my kids were read the books repeatedly and nothing about any of the books translated into racism on their part.

If you can find them:

Willie the Whiner
The Three Little Wolves And the Big Bad Pig
Owl Babies

Note about the Big Bad Pig: I would read this to my kids but changed some of the “words” to make the story a bit more challenging for both me (in remembering what I had changed prior) and the kids (will they correct me if I missed something!). But the one constant change was that the story was “The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Daddy”. And the wolves would build their edifices out things like a relative (e.g., instead of concrete, the building was built out of )

Definitely yes. You have my sympathies on figuring the rest out though… not an easy decision.


But does the 13 year old (really) want a pet? If so, what sort of pet?

Get your kid a dog as incentive to improve behavior, behavior doesn’t change, now you have a dog and a kid with bad behavior.


Yep. I maintained, I don’t want a dog, but the kids can have one if they want. But, they have to look after it, walk it and clean up after it. If they don’t, then I’m doing it - which means I have a dog and I don’t want a dog, and will get rid of that dog.
Probably a baseless threat, not sure if it was perceived as a threat or just ‘sure dad’. But either way, the dog got looked after, sometimes by the kids, mostly by my spouse.
Last dog, my spouse wanted it, so I couldn’t make that threat - they do look after the dog. And now curiously, my daughter’s moved out but now actually does look after the dog. She acts as a dog sitter whenever we’re out, and sometimes will just randomly take the dog for a day or two.

My sister had that book for her kids. Whenever I would read them a book, I would start by reading them the copyright notice. In time my sister taught them to say, “Just read the book, uncle Fred!” (Not my real name, just a nickname based on the French word for “brother”.)

this is my fear. And why I haven’t really worried too much about the “I want a dog!” whine that occasionally comes out.

Cats are enough of a pain but if you prepare you can leave them for 2-3 days and they’ll live just fine. Dogs will shit everywhere and eat all their food inside of 12 hours and need babysitters. No thanks.

dogs are so cute though!

and funny. dogs are downright hilarious

I follow Sandra Boynton on Facebook. Philadelphia Chickens is getting an update this year.