Monthly wellness day

I think we should have one paid monthly wellness day that can be used whenever for whatever reason, with one carry over allowed just in case you need 2.

Actually that sounds complicated. Just give everyone 12 more PTO days plz.

How much PTO do you get currently? Honestly I’d probably make more use out of being able to sell back 5 days.

so, you made an opening post and then entirely negated it in your 2nd post.

this thread is useless.

I mean this is more so for health than PTO so my original thought was a separate category.

just call in sick until they have no choice but to lay you off and collect severance and unemployment when that runs dry and then be homeless


I’m coming up on this problem next year, this is the first year I’ve gotten an excess vacation warning, but it was only 2 days, next year it will likely be in the two week range. I need to start taking Fridays off.

Yeah it helps to have regular weeks you take, like between Christmas and NYD is very common. Can make a regular thing of July 4th week if you wanted. Definitely a high class problem :laughing:

Yeah, it’s definitively not a problem I would ever voice to family/friends. “Oh, woe is me, I can’t figure out how to spend all 4 weeks of vacation this year.”

I’m looking forward to when grandbabies start happening (probably 5 years away at a minimum) so that holidays get that family joy feel again. We’ve lost a lot of the older family members over the past couple years, and holidays aren’t really the same without going to the places we’ve always gone.

Sorry to hear about the change in routine, that definitely makes it a painful reminder. But like you say small kids have a way of making them magical again.

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