An OK article, which doesn’t shut up anyone who “believes.”
Summary for the tldr’ers: people misuse “momentum” to describe when a team is “on a roll”.
To me, it’s not “momentum” in any way the term is used (a temporary shift in the direction of the game, which can stop at any time (but we won’t mention that).
It is: Team A team has figured out Team B (or are simply better in many ways in the first place), and until Team B adjusts, Team A will walk all over them.
Now, the question really is, what has Team A figured out? Often, it is that Team B has a weakness. In football, it’s a player being outplayed, so go after him until that player gets help (double-team).

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Can’t read the article at work but I think in football your assessment is pretty accurate. I do feel like in basketball there is more “momentum” than in football but this “momentum” is more of confidence and feeling like every shot is going in while the other team has a temporary lost confidence that their shots won’t. That’s why timeouts are used in those situations to try to help clear the head of both teams so one gains their confidence back and the other might lose some of it

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Thanks for the article.

What is it when one school has a ~110 year track record of success in boys basketball, another has a ~80 year record of sucktitude in boys basketball, the two schools play in the same classification and are about 15 miles apart, and the first has a long history of just kicking the shit out of the second?

Asking for a friend, naturally.