You provide the mnemonic - everyone else tries to guess what it is for.

Here goes the first one:

Gummy Bears Don’t Fly Airplanes

The lines on the bass clef.


Papa Eats Momma’s Delicious Apple Streusel

Order of operations


xkcd had some fun ones a while back:

Mary’s “Virgin” Explanation Made Joseph Suspect Upstairs Neighbor

Planets, after Pluto left.

Found an interesting one:

When Juries Lack Honor, Justice Gets Forgotten

Washington 1, Jefferson 2, Lincoln 5, Hamilton 10, Jackson 20, Grant 50, Franklin 100 (people talking about Benjamins had me messed up for a minute)

I don’t have a new mnemonic though, someone else do it.

The one I took that from went up to $100,000. I didn’t even know we ever made bills that large.