Mitch McConnel

Anybody else think that he is in the first stages of a progressive disease?

I do wonder how long the GOP and the people around him will keep up the pretense that he is healthy.

Um, yes.

He and Feinstein both need to go. I think McConnell is a disgusting human but he’s clearly incapable, same as Feinstein who is on my political “side”.

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We need age limits for US politicians. This isn’t the first time we’ve had people in office that are way too old, nor will it be the last. Barring someone dying, we’ll likely have a president that is too old again.

Weekend at Bernie’s here.


I generally don’t find the Babylon Bee to be very clever or funny, but I liked this one.


Yo, English, fix your English!! (In the title).

Just fixed it.

My understanding is that there is a process for the Senate to expel one of its members but it usually is triggered by disloyalty to the US or a criminal offence? Not clear if expulsion is possible for health reasons? As a foreigner I am not familiar with your rules so appreciate any informed guidance on expulsion that might apply to Mitch.

Hard to imagine a scenario where McConnell gets pushed out of the Senate, tbh. He’s the brains behind the so much of the GOP’s success.


He was indeed the brains behind many GOP moves, but I think that time is passed. They will keep rolling him out there like Weekend at Bernies though.


Juuuuust a little more, please.
Moistly, because I expect better of you on these trivial matters.

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I appreciate it is unlikely anyone in practice would initiate the expulsion process. My question was what are the rules. Can a person even be expelled on medical grounds within the existing rules or does he stay until death if in ill health?

Like any athlete past his prime, time to retire.

Constitutionally 2/3rd vote for whatever reason they want.

Current rules looks like there is resolution that goes through Ethics committee and then goes to a vote after investigation. Not sure if being old would make it through the committee.

As bizarre as it sounds, he’s probably the best person for the job. If he weren’t the people wouldn’t have voted for him.

How do you define best?

Disappointed this wasn’t a BIH thread

I thought turtles lived a really long time?

Thanks, that’s broader than the Canadian Senate rules for expulsion: however ours has had an age 75 mandatory retirement age since 1965. There was concern by the populace about the unlimited retirement age so politically it was easy to introduce a limit.

“150 Dude! And still young!”