Mississippi Welfare Fraud and Brett Favre

It’s been a while since news broke on Favre allegedly being paid with MS welfare funds for no-show speeches. News has gotten so much worse since then.

Appears Favre and former MS governor Bryant may have both been directly involved in directing MS welfare funds to be used to build a volleyball stadium at USM where Favre’s daughter was playing.

Two of my favorite character actors.

The guy that wrote Favre’s biography is asking people not to read the book

Lock him up

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Good example of a state allocating funds according to the values of the state.


Jackson’s water supply is still offline, no?

It’s functioning, with the boil order lifted as of today.

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Former director of MS welfare agency takes a plea deal and is cooperating with prosecutors. Likely bad news for Favre and the former governor.

i found this funny. former teammate of favre’s


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Judge denies request to dismiss civil case against Favre