I recall an old AO thread about this.

The sound of others chewing is a common one. Or nails on a chalkboard.

What are some unusual ones you have?

I can’t stand the sound of someone else brushing their teeth. Idk why :woman_shrugging:

Hearing someone else barfing.

Seeing if I can upload a video.


Sympathy barfer here. I fared very poorly when the kids were little.

High pitched sounds of all sorts. My brain perceives them as physically painful. I can handle all the bass you can bring, but please keep the treble quashed.

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When I was younger, yes. I am still very sensitive to hearing sounds on the edge of the audible range (low and high), but they don’t irritate me much unless they recur frequently.

ugh chewing noises

doesn’t help that I’m Asian, where it’s polite to be really loud when eating

Nothing worse than hearing those last frantic scrapes at the bottom of a yogurt container


People who are speaking/presenting who unconsciously suck their teeth in pauses creating slurpy little clicking sounds at the end of their thoughts.

For some reason this is even more annoying on zoom than in person. And it’s pretty annoying in person. :expressionless:

my neighbors having conversations in the hallway, especially with children screaming. that shit echos. TAKE IT INSIDE. YOU ARE SO GODDAMN INCONSIDERATE!!! also, i can hear your children even with the door closed. they are just that freaking loud. with the door open it’s unbearable. and yes, even you talking alone in the hallway is inconsiderate. it echos. have some consideration for your neighbors for gods sake.

also, people who talk on speaker phone in the office with their door open thinking i’m the problem for daring ask them to close their door. not in the office right now, so that’s not an issue.

also, there was this humming noise in my apartment that would only happen in the summer when the central air for the building went on. it made my apartment vibrate and drove me insane. finally after 7 years of this, they fixed it this summer. praise jesus! they had to put up a fancy wall to block out the noise. i’ve had similar noises to that in offices which similarly drove me crazy and i’d move offices.