Mercury in retrograde

Looks like 2022 is going to be an unlucky year for a lot of people.

Mercury will be in retrograde four (4) times instead of the usual three (3)…

Next period: May 10 to June 2.

You’ve been warned.

I’ll just leave this link here.

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It’s an opportunity to sell worthless shit to gullible people:

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Is there a way to hook up the power bar to the crystals then the brain sensing headband to create an infinite power vortex within my third eye??? If so, IN!!! :+1:


wtf does mercury in retrograde mean

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Mercury’s orbit overlaps Earth’s for a bit and the planet appears to move in reverse in the sky.

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Are they going to collide?!?!?!omgwtfbbq42&$!?)&!?!

Isn’t that the stuff the anti-vaxxers say is in vaccines? :roll_eyes:

maybe the retrograde is a bad time to get a vaccine or booster.

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Get mercury away from me

It looks crazy from Earth but boring if you see it from a bird’s eye view

It’s one of those things that’s tough to explain if the earth is the center of the solar system. Not that there aren’t attempts.

There are jokes to be had about retrograde and Freddy Mercury. I’ll leave it to the actuaries that are funny to make them.

I am less than impressed by what’s out there (not that I can do better). This was the best I could find

Wait, you’re looking for stuff other people have done? All these smart people and no one is artistically inclined and can come up with something … oh, wait.

It’s perfect spheres within perfect spheres, all the way down.