Men's Wimbledon

Hail the new king!!! I saw why Carlos is the world number 1 today. He put in an excellent performance. His shot selection and athleticism is on par with the greats.

Djokovic just didn’t have the shots

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so out of touch with tennis, never heard of him before

He was in the French final against Djokovic this year and suffered a cramp. He proceeded to finish the final and Djokovic won 3-0 yet he could have stepped out on medical grounds. I was impressed he didn’t let the final end prematurely so I have been looking into him.

Is there a “replay” of the Final anywhere?

Peacock, maybe.
My TiVo would have had it were i interested.

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What’s crazy is the last time someone other than Murray + the big 3 won Wimbledon was before Alcaraz was born.

Not in my knowledge.

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It was a great match.

The 5th game of the 3rd set was the best single game of the tournament, and perhaps the best single game of tennis in decades.

That single game lasted almost 30 minutes. The first two sets had been split 1-1 and Alcaraz was up a break at 3-1, with Novak serving to stay competitive in the set. Novak went up 40-15 and seemed like he would hold, but Alcaraz just had no quit. I think the game had 14 dueces. Djokovic just kept pounding the ball and was dictating the pace of play but Carlos just would give 100% effort on every shot and just outlasted Novak.

It is the dawn of a new age of tennis. The triumvirate Federer/Nadal/Djokovic stranglehold on the ATP is over.


His match in US Open Final last year was great. Final at French, beat Joker at Wimbledon. He’s the real deal. Novak just missed too many shots, unlike him. The 27-28 minute 5th game of third set had to wear out his serving. There was something like 32 pts meaning he hit over 40 serves. Believe Alcarez won the next game quickly. There are a couple other solid up and comers as well. Great match. Right there with Nadal-Federer final.