Me for me to post stories of straight guys in my circle

Most recent one being:

A friend (gay)'s straight brother (married) apparently is super flirty with all the gay brother’s friends (which includes one of my good friends who told me this story), and would ask for nudes, etc. Don’t know if he’s actually cheated though, but he’s not exactly hiding this side of him either.

An older story:

A pretty gay-friendly straight friend of ours who raves with the gays often, married with several kids. Never known to hook up with guys except for ONE time where he hooked up with one of our friends. But no other stories other than that one time.

Are all the stories going to be about the same theme as the first two?

One of my best friends (mega flaming gay) has a super hot raver straight friend who I guess is bicurious? Anyway, the straight guy was afraid to try anything gay, so instead they had a threesome with a girl. My friend (flaming bottom) had to TOP A GIRL to get in on the threesome.

And after that the straight guy decided he’s not gay after all.

maybe, maybe not.


Lol. He got to do a side-by-side comparison, so to speak.

What’s the definition of bicurious? I had assumed it was more of a “what’s it like?” (stressing the curious part, I suppose) rather than “hey, am I gay?”, which you seem to be implying.

Maybe hes just friendly?

Oh… nevermind

He had been talking to my gay friend for a while. They did everything together and were super close. He told my friend that if he (my friend) were a girl they’d already be dating, or that he’s never had the kinda connection they had or something of that sort. So he wanted to “try it out”.

But, I guess he’s straight after all.

Well good on him for not going on wondering what could have been

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I’m not sure I want to lose that deal!




I think bicurious has always meant the latter

flew to a different state for NYE to hang out with my best friend (girl) from college and her friends.

One of her friends (married male with kids) pulled me over, and told me that “I’m straight, but you are incredibly good looking”. He later said the same thing of me in front of my best friend too.
Granted, he was quite drunk and later ended up in the ER, and then entered the wrong address in the uber and went to a different state (ride was $250).

Then a different night, while the girls and I were talking about how good looking this other guy is in our group, one of the girls’ husband said I was more handsome.

What a great start of the year.

Money, freedom, and vanity. The trifecta of sources of joy. And I cheer to that.

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could you imagine such a thing!

I think it means “hey, am i bi?”

Wouldn’t they be curved if they were in a circle?

maybe there’s an infinity of them

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