May 2022 EA-2L Results

I took EA-2L this spring and thought it was really easy but then didn’t pass. Did anyone else feel this way? I noticed there are fewer passing candidate IDs than any year before, maybe the points required to pass were just much higher than normal. I counted up the points I thought I got after the test and was around 80 with most of the ones I didn’t know being True/False (so in theory i could have guessed correctly on some of those). Maybe I just made a ton of silly mistakes but I wanted to see if anyone else felt this way about the sitting.

Took it in the spring and it definitely didn’t feel that difficult, so I was surprised when I saw the low number of passers, especially after such a relatively low number last year. Finished with about an hour left and ended up reworking the 4 and 5 point problems to make sure I didn’t have any calculator typos. I will say that there were at least 3 problems (3/4 pointers) that definitely had a “gotcha” aspect to them (at least in my opinion). Hopefully you’re able to compare the test and solution key and see where the disconnect ended up being. Best of luck next go around/or with EA2F in the fall.

Yep I was in basically that same boat, finished with 90 mins to spare, redid every problem twice and found 2-3 mistakes I made on the first go. There were two that I knew I didn’t know and some of the True/False can be tricky but I still figured I would pass. I requested my answers so I can self grade and they said those won’t be available until august 1st but hopefully that will provide some clarity.

43.1% pass rate, 45.3% effective. N=144, Eff=137. Pass 62.
Little bit tougher than last year.

So 70% is no longer the magic number. Too bad. Guessing the questions are harder now. I think we had a softball the year i passed this one in 2019

I thought the exam was much easier than last year - on the other hand, I prepared less this year. I got a 4 last year (don’t know exact points), but got a 6 this year with 70 points. Guessed on a 4-pointer, so luck was on my side this year. The passmark this year was 67 points based on requesting my answer sheet.