May 2021 EA-2L Extra Tricky?

Did anyone else take the May 2021 sitting? I walked into the exam and out of it feeling extremely confident. There were only two questions I felt unsure on.

Now I have found out I didn’t pass, and I feel defeated. I’ve never had a shock like that. My instinct on whether or not I have passed has always been spot on.

While I’m not holding my breath, I’m still holding on to a sliver of hope that enough answers will be revised and I’ll end up with a pass.

So, did I just make a bunch of silly mistakes, or was the exam actually extra tricky? I have yet to go through it again, but I’m curious to hear what others thought.

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It looks like only 76 people passed this sitting. If we use the historical average number of sittings per exam (~247), that would put the pass rate at 31%. I’m assuming the counts would be close to 200 (or 38%) but that still seems like they swung the pendulum WAY too far back from last sittings effective pass rate of 70%. Certainly seems like this will be one of, if not the lowest passing rate for this exam.

I noticed the low number of people passing as well. I wasn’t sure if that was due to an exceptionally low number of takers or not. I’m curious to see the percentages when they’re published.

I suppose that likely means I have lots of company.

Pass rate was low, but it looks like since the pass rate was so high last sitting, there were fewer people sitting this time around. (166 sat in May, 76 passed).

I think the pass rate was also high in 2019 when I passed it, but 2020 might have been higher.