Math professor needs help with an electronic mailing list

I’m just throwing this out there.

A while ago I signed up for a “math problem of the week” thing. It’s run by Stan Wagon, Prof. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota. He’s Canadian :canada: to boot.

Here is his website:

Here’s the bit about the PotW:

The purpose of my post is that he’s having trouble with his mailing list.

This is pertinent the snip from the last email that I received from him:

His email address is at the top of his webpage. If you have an idea/solution but you’d rather not email him I’d be happy to send it along. Just post it here & make a note that you’re relying on me to get the message to him.


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One of the hobbyist mailing lists I subscribe to went through a couple of different providers before settling on In addition to the mailing list thing, it offers web access to a message archive, file storage, polls, etc.

It’s free up to 100 subscribers. Beyond that it’s 4¢/user/month (minimum $20).

I think for a fee they’ll also work on porting data from other sources if there’s a desire to have an archive of messages, etc. from before the mailing list was on their platform.

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Response from Dr Wagon:

You could probably do this pretty easily with google apps. Just maintain a spreadsheet of all emails then use google script to send out the email everyweek. You can save all the problems in google docs and access it directly with google script. Thats probably the best way of doing this. You would need to pay the monthly fee to be able to send 1000 emails every week, however.