Math professor needs help with an electronic mailing list

I’m just throwing this out there.

A while ago I signed up for a “math problem of the week” thing. It’s run by Stan Wagon, Prof. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota. He’s Canadian :canada: to boot.

Here is his website:

Here’s the bit about the PotW:

The purpose of my post is that he’s having trouble with his mailing list.

This is pertinent the snip from the last email that I received from him:

His email address is at the top of his webpage. If you have an idea/solution but you’d rather not email him I’d be happy to send it along. Just post it here & make a note that you’re relying on me to get the message to him.


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One of the hobbyist mailing lists I subscribe to went through a couple of different providers before settling on In addition to the mailing list thing, it offers web access to a message archive, file storage, polls, etc.

It’s free up to 100 subscribers. Beyond that it’s 4¢/user/month (minimum $20).

I think for a fee they’ll also work on porting data from other sources if there’s a desire to have an archive of messages, etc. from before the mailing list was on their platform.

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Response from Dr Wagon: