Math/logic games

I got here via a friend who was recommending Ooodle (and I was just going to tell him this stuff gives me a headache)

but thought some of y’all might like them

The logic puzzles I like, though, are “picture logic” puzzles:

I’ve been doing these since the 90s, and where one of my avatars came from.

Site is blocked on my work computer…

If you want a board game, try Mancala. It’s a lot of fun, and very easy to play. But it gets complex fast. Not necessarily difficult, but complex - a lot of possible options open up every move.

In my opinion, a lot of games are mathematical and logical. For example, I can give you an example of my favorite game, Minecraft. Let’s start with the most obvious. Suppose you want to find a fortress with a portal to the world of Ender. In that case, you need either to spend a huge number of eyes enderman or use a special mathematical formula and use only 3 eyes. And so in Minecraft with many mechanics. At, the creators have even taken some The mathematical mechanics of Minecraft, and created exclusive mini-games. And in some countries, Minecraft is used as a curriculum in schools.

My son got this. It’s kinda fun.

I’ve had that in my amazon wish list forever. I really want to try it.