Math/logic games

I got here via a friend who was recommending Ooodle (and I was just going to tell him this stuff gives me a headache)

but thought some of y’all might like them

The logic puzzles I like, though, are “picture logic” puzzles:

I’ve been doing these since the 90s, and where one of my avatars came from.

Site is blocked on my work computer…

If you want a board game, try Mancala. It’s a lot of fun, and very easy to play. But it gets complex fast. Not necessarily difficult, but complex - a lot of possible options open up every move.

My son got this. It’s kinda fun.

I’ve had that in my amazon wish list forever. I really want to try it.

The Sudoku craze has kind of come & gone, but Numberphile just did a video on this one secret trick that will blow your mind:

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Gone?! Gone?!

I mean, yes, I know other people may have stopped doing it, but I still do my games at Conceptis:

I probably already linked to these: [the links do go somewhere, but it does something weird if I just copy/paste… so just drop in the location bar]

Mary Pat Campbell's puzzle solution

I do sudoku only when I want to do something quick. I’m usually doing their picture logic puzzles, which take a lot longer

Here is a logic/math puzzle I found on the interwebs.

I haven’t done it yet, but plan to.

Maybe it is an employment screener for this hedge fund trading firm !!!