Mastodon is coming to the actuarial world

I just opened a ticket with my dev guy to get mastodon installed here. So here’s hoping in a few days to a week we’re up and running.

  • You can port your existing userid from other mastodon servers to here if you’re already registered elsewhere. And if you don’t like it here you can port your user to someone else’s server. Very flexible in terms of where your userid’s handled and by who. And your followers etc. follow you if you move servers.
  • I believe your feed will start with other users on this server - so it’ll be targetted at the actuarial community. You can then add feeds from people on other servers to make your feed more robust.
  • Moderation I believe is left up to us. Moderation tbd at this point but I see this as a positive.
  • And, it’s running on our hardware in our data center - we’re not subject to the slowdown issues some of the other main mastodon servers are experiencing right now.

Also in case it matters, users on the forum and users on the mastodon instance will be discrete. So you can do both, or one or the other.

For those of us completely oblivious to such things, including even what mastodon is (have seen mention of it, but never looked at an article), is this something I should want?

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Its basically an opensource, distributed version of twitter. Twitters’s a cesspool, and potentially could go offline at any time. So, an alternative that fixes those two things is good.

So what’s twitter? Actually I know and know about it’s current chaos, but have never used it and don’t really know anything about using it.

So I gather that if someone elects to do both, they’re still totally independent. Other GoA actuaries, even those also using both, will not see any mastodon effect on GoA, Right?

Yep. The forum, mastodon and twitter, completely separate.

I wish you luck with it, but understand that given much of the fediverse is run by LGBTQ and neuro diverse people, if you have moderation standards consistent with here, the server will likely be defederated from a lol of mastodon instances.

Can you put that in English? It sound to me like you are suggesting that moderation standards here are relatively weak, with enough LGBTQ-bashing tolerated here that mastodon here won’t be allowed to interact with other mastodon implementations. I could be completely off, since I don’t even recognize “fediverse” or “defederated”.

Mastodon is decentralized, so there are hundreds of servers each run by an admin/mod team.

Mastodon has 3 timelines — your home timeline is people you follow, the local timeline is everyone on your server, and the ‘federated’ timeline which is everyone on a server with a user that is followed by someone on your server.

If an admin feels that another server moderation standards put their users at risk of harassment, they can ‘defederate’ which means that users of the ‘bad server’ can’t interact in any way with the users on the moderated server – including following or seeing their posts, messaging them. It also bans that whole server from the federated timeline — the bad server essentially doesn’t exist.

A large portion of the ‘fediverse’ (it’s not just mastodon, but things like pixelfed (open source instagram) as well) will block any server that allows right wing propaganda to exist. The political forums of this website would be deemed toxic, and result in the GOA server being banned from a lot of the more active servers, and it would by default become a part of the nazi wing of fediverse, which is banned from all the other servers.

Mastodon isn’t a twitter replacement, it’s a safe place for LGBTQ, neurodiverse, and other marginalized people that were driven off twitter to hang out, and if you aren’t going to follow the culture there, it’ll be a quick boot. (The server I’m on is, which is anti-fascist and LGBTQ run, and has banned servers for allowing anti-vaxx people to remain, as well as all the standard bigotry stuff.)

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Thanks. I see, I think. So you have an id (maybe not the technical term) on a mastodon server. Perhaps Space Lobster’s mastodon server will not be allowed to interact with your server. So if you would like to interact with people on Space Lobster’s, you would have to get a second mastodon id on Space Lobster’s (a different server from your primary server, anyway, and a server which would interact with SL’s. Even if you jumped through that hoop, your two ids could not interact with each other. Maybe there’s no reason your two ids would want to, but there were assertions of alts (not you in particular) “talking to yourself” on the AO.

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Right. My mastodon account is – so if either has banned mastodon.goa or vice versa, then I wouldn’t be able to follow or see any of the users on GOA, and they wouldn’t be able to see me.

I’m not too worried about some other mods opinion of how we moderate here. If someone runs a server and is banning communities like this one, they’re going to be banning every server going.

No, they aren’t. There are literally hundreds of servers that would see the political forum here and ban it without another thought.

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