what happened to @Marcie ?

Profile - Marcie - GoActuary

last post, april 30, last seen may 24.

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moved on

Moved on voluntarily or due to the ban hammer?

I sent Marcie a PM on June 22 asking what happened to her and haven’t heard anything.

she possibly didn’t get your pm since she hasn’t been on here since may 24.

Yeah, probably not. I didn’t know if she’d possibly get a notification. But if she did, it hasn’t resulted in her logging in to respond to me. Not that she owes me anything; I just hope she’s ok.

I was worried about her, too. I was thinking of sending a DM to ask if she’s okay. But i guess she’s not getting DM’s, either.

She’s missed :frowning:


My guess is rage quit.

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Come back, Marcie! We miss you!

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She’s a republican and the AO does not welcome republicans (not a read, just a fact)

I’m not sure if she’s a Republican. She’s anti-mask-mandate for sure. But I don’t recall her having anything good to say about Trump, or even W.

I think she may be an anti-T republican like you.

She also hated Andrew Cuomo before hating him was cool


Possibly, but I think she leans more Libertarian than anything else. Which is how I identify too these days.

For example, I’m pro-choice and I think Marcie is too.

I chuckled at the juxtaposition of message with username.

I don’t. I think she’s pretty traditionally conservative.

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Maybe she’s traveling. Hopefully she’s ok.


@Marcie if you’re reading this, we still miss you!