March Madness pick'em tournaments

I like to enter free March Madness pick’em tournaments.

A number of years ago “Warren Buffet” had the “billion” dollar one. I think, like my Gophers’ usual showing in the tournament (when they actually make it), that it was a one and done thing (as far as John Q. Public’s participation (I think he ran them in subsequent years for BH employees only)).

This year I know of Yahoo! & ESPN.

If you know of others, please post them in this thread.

Ooh, look at me…I made a group on ESPN. Join if you’d like: Men's Tournament Challenge - ESPN - Group

Enter as often as you’d like. Vote early. Vote often.

This should be the Yahoo! group: Yahoo Fantasy Tourney Pick'em

(BTW, my Yahoo!-name is not my RL-name.)

Those should both be public groups. If not, I screwed up like a carpenter installing ceiling tiles. Kindly inform me of anything that needs to be adjusted.

Sure it isn’t, Zachary Z.

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still does

Prove it.

Employees only,
1m for life if a perfect bracket
1m is perfect round
$100k last man standing

you want me to copy the e-mail?

Right…I mentioned that in my post.


Here’s another that just popped into my inbox:

As you can see, it’s a “Minnesota” edition, but I have a feeling that every CBS station across the country would have their own and it’s all the same contest. I didn’t read the rules/information, though. Those are just big ass assumptions.

Free bracket contest here