March Madness 2023 (a.k.a the annual Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament)

It might be karma from going against the family, Señor Rock.

Fortunately on CAS, Rebel Outpost and here, I have almost as many years being Kid Rock as Kid Rock. Bawitaba

What’re ya gonna throw?

Well, your name says it all!

For the first one against VA I submitted RRRRR since I really needed to get it out after withholding versus Whiskey

Now I am trying to figure out a way to get down 3-1 in this match

No. I am NOT going down on you.

Just get your throws turned in.

Call 911 in your town :alarm_clock:

That is a weird leap and one that would never enter my head.

weird leaps are the only kind that VA takes

FTR - my picks were in yesterday

:popcorn: :nachos: :mtdew:


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which means that you’re likely going to lose as I got mine in earlier

I’m ok with losing to get to 1-3. I think I was the 8 seed anyway so just happy to be here.

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Quick Summary:
:skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
:oh_noes: :oh_noes:

As promised, we had a :popcorn: match on tap, as soyleche and A_Student were up to the winner-take-all Game 7!! So we knew that we were going to have at least one :skull_and_crossbones:, but we got a Monday morning surprise with a second one as well.

In both matches, Rock was the deciding factor - in one game in the was the correct throw; in the other… not so much. but in the end we now have 6 of the 8 seats filled in the Elite Eight, with congrats going out to…

:tada: soyleche and Echo :tada:

for moving on in the tournament… and we could be 2 throws away from having the Elite Eight completely filled out!! :astonished:

We’ve got a lot of drama already (hopefully not too much for a Monday!) as we narrow down the field to 8 (or maybe less than 8) this week, so stay tuned, and keep those throws coming! :+1:

SteveGrondin Region

SteveGrondin defeats IPD in Game 3, SteveGrondin leads (3-0)
R SteveGrondin

StevGrondin   ---- StevGrondin 3

IPD         4 ---- IPD         0
BruteForce  3


NmrclNeurot 0
Klaymen     4 ---- Klaymen     4 ---- Klaymen     

twig93      4 ---- twig93      3
Doctor_Who  0

Vorian_Atreides Region

Kid_Rock defeats VorianAtrds in Game 2, series tied (1-1)
R-S VorianAtrds
R-R Kid_Rock

VorianAtrds   ---- VorianAtrds 4 ---- VorianAtrds 1

MayanActry  2
Tiffany     4 ---- Tiffany     2

MtnHawk     3
Kid_Rock    4 ---- Kid_Rock    4 ---- Kid_Rock    1

Whiskey     4 ---- Whiskey     3
1695814     1

soyleche Region

soyleche defeats A_Student in Game 7, soyleche wins (4-3)
R soyleche
S A_Student

OutdoorAct defeats SteveWhite in Game 5, OutdoorAct leads (3-2)
R-S OutdoorAct
R-P SteveWhite

soyleche      ---- soyleche    4 ---- soyleche    

meep        0
A_Student   4 ---- A_Student   3


OutdoorAct  4 ---- OutdoorAct  3
JohnSMill   2

WishBear    2
SteveWhite  4 ---- SteveWhite  2

Snake Region

Echo defeats AbstractAct in Game 5, Echo wins (4-1)
R AbstractAct
P Echo

JFG           ---- JFG         2

skysn93     2
Actuary321  4 ---- Actuary321  4 ---- Actuary321  0


ALivelySed  1
AbstractAct 4 ---- AbstractAct 1

Echo          ---- Echo        4 ---- Echo        0

Key: * indicates throws submitted; # indicates throws need to be turned in or you will be booted

Wow. A complete dismantling by echo. Congrats and good luck.


Good game @A_Student

I was sweating there at the end.

GL Actuary321. If last actuary vs dog match was any indication, we’ll be counting down to canine victory! :dog:

You think you’re gonna get that SQuirreL?