March Madness 2022 (a.k.a the annual Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament)

Back on the AO, March Madness referred to the annual Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, and I’d like to welcome everyone to the 2022 version, the nineteenth such event, but the second one here at GoActuary! :clap: :clap:

First and foremost, thank you all for your great participation in the past! :clap: :clap:

Now that we’ve got a season under our collective belts here at GoActuary, we’ll take up to the first 64 players in this tourney (which realistically means if you wanna play, you’re in! :+1:). The only prize you’ll get this year is the honor and glory of being an RPS champion (but frankly, do you really need anything else?).

The method of seeding this year will be based on the order of entering the game - the earlier you say you’re in, the higher your seed (and thus the better chance of getting an opening round bye).

All you need to do is post to this thread that you are interested, and you’re in the game! To be guaranteed a spot in the tournament, you must be one of the first 64 people to post in this thread by Mon, Feb 28th, 6 pm CT.

I’m reserving the #1 seeds for last year’s Final Four contestants (that’s one of the perks!). Those four players are: Defending champion MayanActuary, runner-up ** ALivelySedative**, ao_fan and Doctor_Who.

Everything will be the same as in the past.

Brackets will be announced no later than Tuesday, March 1st, at 10 a.m. CT, thus allowing for the first matches to occur that day. I’d like to get this rolling as quickly as possible, so again, please sign up ASAP.

The number of games in the matches will increase in the later rounds, so you can show off your true skill. Tentatively, I’m thinking of going back to our usual schedule shown below, since we’ll be starting on time this year, but I will confirm after I know how many players we end up with.

Round of 64: Best of 5 games
Round of 32: Best of 5 games
Sweet Sixteen: Best of 7 games
Elite Eight: Best of 7 games
Semi-finals: Best of 9 games
Finals: Best of 9 games

Be warned - you’d better come ready to play, or a slow start could lead to an early exit!

You must PM me at least one set of throws a day, unless your opponent is unknown. No throws for 2 consecutive business days will be deemed a forfeit of the tournament.

Once again, to say that you are in the tournament, simply post to this thread.

Details on the games themselves will be the same as in prior years:

The format is simple: This will be a simple “winner advances” bracket. You must win the series in each round to advance.

What will happen is for each game the two players will PM me their first 5 throws. I will resolve them, in order, and post the results of the game to the thread. (In the event of a tie - the 5 throws match exactly - both players would email me their next 5 throws for that game).


PlayerA PMs me: Rock - Scissors - Paper - Paper - Rock

PlayerB PMs me: Rock - Scissors - Rock - Scissors - Paper

I will only post the results up until the winning throw, so in this case I will post something to the effect of:

PlayerA defeats PlayerB in Game1, PlayerA leads (1-0)
R-S-P PlayerA
R-S-R PlayerB

PlayerA and PlayerB then PM me with their throws for the 2nd game of the match.

Note in the example above it doesn’t matter that PlayerB would’ve won more throws head-to-head; it’s the first non-tie that determines the outcome.

For those of you who still can’t quite see how this works, you can look at last year’s thread:

to see how this all plays out - I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it very quickly! :+1: (And my apologies for the big ol’ link there - I was hoping for something smaller. :man_shrugging:

It is my intention to update the game at least 2 times a day (midday and early evening), as long as there’s something to report. I will do my best to keep up with the PMs - each year is a little harried in the early rounds, but we manage to sort it all out, and a good time is had by all (although moreso by the winners, I suppose).

So with that… let the sign-ups begin!!

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And for those who like a little history, here are the Final Four Results from the past eighteen years:

2004 BracketMaker view
Semis: foghorn over TomServo (5-2); LaraCroft over RedSoxFan (5-3)
Finals: foghorn over LaraCroft (5-1)

2005 BracketMaker view
Semis: J.T. over 4sigma (5-4), urysohn over Hagbard (5-3)
Finals: urysohn over J.T. (5-0) [Yes, it was a shutout!]

2006 BracketMaker view
Semis: Traina over Actuary321 (5-4), Jables over TomServo (5-4)
Finals: Jables over Traina (5-0) [Yes, it was a shutout - AGAIN!]

2007 BracketMaker view
Semis: IMP over SirVLCIV (5-1), MrPenguin over Werewolf (5-4)
Finals: MrPenguin over IMP (5-3)

2008 BracketMaker view
Semis: kiwi over Browncoat (5-3), udjw828 over DoctorNo (5-4)
Finals: udjw828 over kiwi (5-2)

2009 BracketMaker view
Semis: J.T. over Browncoat (5-4), Jables over kiwi (5-3)
Finals: J.T. over Jables (5-3)

2010 BracketMaker view
Semis: lipman over Feisty8888 (4-3), LaraCroft over soyleche (4-1)
Finals: LaraCroft over lipman (4-3)

2011 BracketMaker view
Semis: soyleche over 2pac Shakur (4-0), urysohn over 1695184 (4-2)
Finals: soyleche over urysohn (5-1)

2012 BracketMaker view
Semis: ADoubleDot over Ray Finkle (5-1), urysohn over Feisty8888 (5-4)
Finals: ADoubleDot over urysohn (5-4)

2013 BracketMaker view
Semis: Browncoat over rekrap (5-3), thing over urysohn (5-4)
Finals: thing over Browncoat (5-1)

2014 BracketMaker view
Semis: Numerical Neuroticism over thing (5-3), Pintsize over actuary_aspire (5-3)
Finals: Numerical Neuroticism over Pintsize (5-2)

2015 BracketMaker view
Semis: RedLaces over actuary_aspire (5-4), campbell over Gandalf (5-2)
Finals: campbell over RedLaces (5-3)

2016 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: Ezekial Cumberland over MayanActuary (5-2), rekrap over soyleche (5-1)
Finals: rekrap over Ezekial Cumberland (5-4)

2017 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: MayanActuary over Whiskey (5-2), Doctor Who over CindyLou Who (5-3)
Finals: Doctor Who over MayanActuary (5-3)

2018 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: Ezekial Cumberland over Vorian Atreides (5-2), dgtatum over Gandalf (5-4)
Finals: Ezekial Cumberland over dgtatum (5-1)

2019 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: GargoyleWaiting over Ray Finkle (5-0), sam10gle over Bingboing (5-3)
Finals: GargoyleWaiting over sam10gle (5-2)

2020 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: Whiskey over Feisty8888 (5-3), MayanActuary over CindyLou Who (5-3)
Finals: Whiskey over MayanActuary (5-4)

2021 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: ALivelySedative over ao_fan (4-3), MayanActuary over Doctor_Who (4-2)
Finals: MayanActuary over ALivelySedative (4-2)

2022 (BracketMaker view not available at this time)
Semis: VorianAtreides over Snake (4-1), SteveGrondin over soyleche (4-2)
Finals: SteveGrondin over VorianAtreides (4-3)

(thru Post 340)

Players in this year’s game: 22 :+1: :+1:

Player still in the game: 1 - our 2022 RPS Champion!! :+1: :+1:

Players eliminated: :sob:
MayanActuary (#1 Seed)
ALivelySedative (#1 Seed)
Doctor_Who (#1 Seed)
ao_fan (#1 Seed)

Detailed Regional Results

MayanActuary Region - won by Vorian_Atreides

MayanActry    ---- MayanActry  0

Celalta     1 
VorianAtrds 3 ---- VorianAtrds 3 ---- VorianAtrds 3 ---- VorianAtrds **FINAL FOUR**


1695814       ---- 1695814     1

NmrclNeurot   ---- NmrclNeurot 3 ---- NmrclNeurot 1

ALivelySedative Region - won by Snake

ALivelySed    ---- ALivelySed  0 

Snake       3 ---- Snake       3 ---- Snake       3 ---- Snake   **FINAL FOUR**


JFG           ---- JFG         3 ---- JFG         0

MtnHawk       ---- MtnHawk     0 

Doctor_Who Region - won by SteveGrondin

Doctor_Who    ---- Doctor_Who  1

StevGrondin 3 ---- StevGrondin 3 ---- StevGrondin 3 ---- StevGrondin **FINAL FOUR**
BruteForce  2


SteveWhite    ---- SteveWhite  3 ---- SteveWhite  0

A_Student   0
IPD         3 ---- IPD         0

ao_fan Region - won by soyleche

ao_fan        ---- ao_fan      3 ---- ao_fan      2

Tiffany     3 ---- Tiffany     1
Actuary321  1


soyleche      ---- soyleche    3 ---- soyleche    3 ---- soyleche **FINAL FOUR**

OutdoorAct  2
Klaymen     3 ---- Klaymen     2



In! Hoping for a third straight trip to the finals




Je suis “in”


I forgot that I was a final 4 last year.




I’ve been reading up and now think I am skilled enough to play. Count me in.





I mean . . . NI!!

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