Mancave thread

I don’t have a mancave but this thread is for me to fantasize about having one. It’ll have an 80" inch desk with 3 desktop computers and a hi-fi audio system. And it’ll have some space for my instruments. No girls allowed!

Also, the walls will have posters of hot anime dudes for me to look at

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I mean chicks! You didn’t see that!

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I recommend fantasizing about the JBL M2.

I have one subwoofer to go with it, but since my mancave has no chicks I can fill the spot where my wife used to be with a second subwoofer.

Definitely get 2-3 subs. Since we’re fantasizing… maybe a trio of Stereo Integrity 24" in sealed boxes.

McIntosh front end.

My man cave is the garage, I suppose. It’s finished and will be heated/cooled soon. I’ve got a pretty decent collection of signs and various petroliana, a gas pump ca 1945-ish, and I’m eyeballing a 1955 Harley Panhead.

I have a small stereo setup out there with a pair of tiny tapped horn subs.

Mine will probably be in the garage as well.

Big TV + speakers, of course. Haven’t decided on seating between couch or nice theater seats. Pool table with a top that can be put in to turn it into a large gaming table. Maybe a smaller card table for poker/bridge.

No real need for a fridge since the garage opens directly to the kitchen.

I have a car in my garage.

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Are you sure no girls “allowed” or no girls will want to go there with you?

you can always turn gay and then your whole house can be a man cave

or rather, men cave

This is my dream. It wouldn’t be as nice but I will have one some day if we stay North.


Doesn’t the golf ball bounce off the wall and hit you in the head?

LOL! No, the part you hit into is a large projector screen that can take an impact and kind of catches the ball if that makes sense. It is separated from the wall by about a foot and stretched on a frame of sorts to keep it steady. That apparatus comes in various qualities from something you can put up and take down in your garage to something built in and permanent like this setup. Some people just have a net they hit into with a basic version of the sensors that are collecting swing data. They can view the shot on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Around here they build out their garages. Fully finished, carpeted, bars with neon signs. Then they open the garage door and sit there smoking cigarettes all day while they have a beer. It’s a good area, but there’s definitely an undercurrent of trashiness.

But who am I to talk. We have moose antlers over the fireplace.

I just read above that other people do this. Seriously? The garage.

I should clarify, since I did say my garage is ‘finished.’ I don’t have carpet. When we bought the place it was bare studs with a 15A service and one outlet. I re-wired it with a 100A service and added insulation and drywall, and while it has some antiques and what not, it’s a work shop. I’m going to heat/cool it because I want to be able to work in reasonable comfort but it’s not really a place to just hang out. Once I get the basement done, I plan on being out there for many hours making wooden storm windows, for example.