Managing Spreadsheet Risk in Financial Models

Sign up at the link…


I signed up, I’ll see how many puns I can make when we get to the Q&A portion.


Oh! I didn’t even think of that! BRILLIANT!


I don’t suppose that it’s possible to attend without joining LinkedIn.

Not to my knowledge but uh you don’t need to sign up to LinkedIn with your real name/address iykwim.

I hope meep doesn’t steal all of T-Roy’s material


Here is the zoom registration link without having to go through LinkedIn:


I’ll be mentioning ASOPs! (the intended audience is not actuarial, but I -am- trying to infect non-actuaries with our standards)

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Good stuff, meep! I had my fingers crossed you were about to show the ‘mistaking something for a date’ meme and you delivered, lol.

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Where is the setting to turn off the date problems in Excel?

Thank you meep!

That whack-ass formula you posted was amazing. Straight to jail!


I’m using Excel 365, so maybe you don’t have this setting, but here goes:

Under Options → Data

There’s an “Automatic Data Conversions” section, and I unchecked that whole thing.

By default, those are the conversions that occur when you open a .csv or text file or whatever in Excel. I DON’T WANT THAT.

Often, I do want leading zeroes (these are ID numbers, not actual numerals), etc. So I don’t want things to change.

That came from the old AO. I forget who posted it… but I did archive that thread, so I could probably find out.

Here’s the YouTube link of the recording

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And here are the slides
Preventing_Errors_in_Financial_Worksheets.pdf (862.3 KB)