Malaria vaccine trial

Malaria vaccine becomes first to achieve WHO-specified 75% efficacy goal | EurekAlert! Science News.

That’s really exciting, would be possibly the greatest achievement in humankind history if we/they manage to eradicate malaria. I wonder though if you need really high efficacy because the mosquito can go person to person and any of the people unlucky enough to be in the 25% still get sick, or will the mosquitos be less likely to carry it as well?

Is this a similar vaccine to any of the Covid vaccinations? I think the really exciting part of the Covid vaccines is the tremendous amount of money dumped into vaccine development and the new technology that will come from it. Kind of a moonshot type achievement IMO.

If humanity can wipe out some of these viruses the reduction of suffering and the economic impact could be tremendous

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Mark Rober, famous youtuber, did a video on testing for malaria for $0.68. He claims malaria has caused the deaths of half of the lives in the history of humanity, or about 51 billion people.

In other news, Blue Pepsi is coming back

Even worse on a years lost basis I think, sadly many who die are children

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I don’t think it’s going to be possible to eradicate malaria, since animals can still be carriers.

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Unfortunately that is my guess as well. Would love to be wrong though.

Well, we could still use our Godlike powers to edit or delete all of the mosquitoes.

Nearly figured out how to just open the cmd window

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