What magazines do you subscribe to? Print or online?

At the moment, the only magazine I subscribe to is National Geographic. I have the print/online subscription.

I prefer print editions because I tend to actually read those. if I have online acess only, I usually forget, and don’t log in for a while.

I may re-up my lapsed Atlantic subscription.

I used to get Economist, Outside, Wired

In the late 90’s and early 00’s I was a magazine junkie and probably had subs to like twelve or 15 different mags…

The Actuary

I used to get Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest, but never found the time to sit and read them - and I didn’t have someone selling them for a school fundraiser anymore

Does Tangle count?


Well, I get these, but I don’t “subscribe” (meaning “pay for them as a stand-alone entity”). they come with dues, which I also don’t pay (unless my wages are artificially lower because of this expense).

Wife subscribes to several cooking magazines.

Do they still make Baseball Digest? I used to love that.

I do not subscribe to any magazines that are not “free”.

The Economist, but part of my pay is small business income, so it’s a tax write-off. Still, that only makes it cheaper, not free.

If I have FF miles on the verge of expiring then I might use them to subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens to keep them active, but that’s essentially cheaper than free.