Lunch: Corn dogs =?

Gotta add a lunch menu item for the camping trip I’m doing. 15 peeps, and I need an easy lunch.
I’m going to do corn dogs but need something more than that. What goes good with corn dogs? Must be easy/prepackaged and hopefully require no cooking…because I"m going to be busy cooking the corn dogs.

And chips are off the table, because I’m doing hamburgers and chips for supper one night.
I’m gonna be 900 lbs by the time this trip is over.

Charcuterie platter.


As a side? Chips?

Or be more fun and make Korean corn dogs and roll them in something fun

Oops. Veggies and dip to help offset all the other crap then.


Potato salad, Cole slaw, macaroni salad…

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Ooh. All good ideas. Particularly the veggies. I’ve been thinking I need a few more non deep fried items.

I like the potato salad, but no eggs in camp so there goes the mayo.

Easy to cut up some carrots and cucumbers with some prepackaged chick pea dip.


Pitas and hummus. : MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus Assorted Flavor (2-Pack) : Everything Else


Cole slaw can be made with pre-shredded bags of cabbage mix and an oil and vinegar dressing. If you premake the dressing, add some shredded carrots and onions with the bags of cabbage it all should come together in a couple of minutes leave it to sit for 30 minutes and it will be fine.

And pickles

Recently I’ve learned that Japan sells these dehydrated meals that turn into real food when you add water.

Those are very good camping options imo.

The students eat mre’s and stuff when they go camping. But when I go camping and take them along, we eat like kings, hot, fresh, prepared, and a variety. No mre’s for this guy.

I kind of got spoiled. A bunch of guys my age moose hunt for a week each year and set up in the bush up north, so, camping. But we bring heat (woodstoves) for the tents, cots, and my brother who comes along is a chef - he cooks three hots a day and we eat better than at a restaurant. Geez, last year in addition to the campstove and the griddle and the full sized bbq, they brought up a smoker. I thought the smoker was a bit much, but yeah, we ate well. And that’s kinda carried over to when I organize these things.
On this trip we have to haul the entire camp (15 people for 4 days) by hand into the bush for like 4k. So I’m making one concession - I’m not bringing my cot.

damn, exactly 15!


Honestly, if you just go to an Asian market and buy some premium instant noodles and throw some real meat in there everyone will love you.

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Not a bad idea, but I need egg free this trip. Plus, I’ve apparently set expectations after last trip, what with a fresh fish fry, homemade gyros and greek salad, pancakes with homemade maple syrup, etc. So I dunno about noodles.

Yeah. And right now I’ve managed to get 13 ice fishing rods. I need one more (expecatation is that I won’t have time to fish as much as I’d like to. pretty much a full time job looking after and cleaning up the meals).
Plus, I need another 3-4 toboggans to haul gear. Probably gonna have to build them.
And I asked everyone to email what they needed to rent in the way of equipment from the university’s outdoors club so I can order it this week…so far three responses. Geesh.

A large lemonade. Or cherry lemonade.

a nice grilled cheese with tomato soup