LTAM written answer samples?

I’m browsing through LTAM right now and I’m not seeing any written answer samples. The SOA sample questions all seem to be MC. Am I missing something? Are threre sample WA LTAM questions?
Hook me up fam.

and solutions:

Both links are from the Introductory Study Note

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Thanks! I haven’t bothered to download the introductory study note yet; the textbook is keeping me busy.

If you didn’t get the MC sample questions via the Introductory Study Note, you might not have the most recent sample questions. They may not have changed recently, but if you got them before WA questions existed, they’re pretty old. I think the only links to sample questions on the SOA site now are via the Introductory Study Note.

that came up for ltam sample questions. Nov 2019. Either way, I’ll take a cruise around the SOA site to see if there’s anything more recent.
That pdf has the questions arranged by topic which is really nice; lets you study a topic then do some sample questions just for that block.