LTAM 2021 exam dates are out

2021 LTAM registration dates.

The syllabus shown still says Fall 2020 though.

Best eyes on GoActuary don’t see “Fall 2020” with LTAM at your link. Maybe it changed since you posted. I do see “Updated Oct 1, 2020” which could be correct. Though if it changed today, it was updated Oct 9, 2020."

They’ve updated the exam dates, but the syllabus stil shows 2020.

I suppose. I thought you were saying the syllabus date was wrong. That syllabus is for 2020, and there still is a 2020 exam under it. They haven’t released the 2021 syllabus yet. Even if the textbook will be the same, the syllabus document must change for CBT differences. Even the best eyes on the internet can’t see all the implications.

Some eyes might think that the section of how the Fall 2020 exam would be administered belongs under “Updates” rather than as “Syllabus”, since those changes were later than the February 14, 2020 updates. Some eyes might even think the SOA exam committees don’t know what to do about COVID.

Why? What’s the difference?

The current syllabus says

It is inconceivable the 2021 syllabus will have that same paragraph. Even human eyes would widen in amazement if it is there unchanged. Presumably it will say that the 2021 exam will be CBT. Presumably it will address whether Excel will be available for the 2021 exam. Presumably it will have some new sample questions, or existing sample questions reformatted for CBT.

Whether there will be any changes to what candidates need to know, :shrug: