Low Tech Preferred

As I was opening my can of tuna with the manual crank can opener, I thought about how much more I liked it better the old electric I used to have. The old one was hard to clean and harder to get a grip, also harder to control spillage as it opened.

Now I do like it better than the original form that basically sliced through the lid running around the edge.

So, was wondering what other (common) advances people have shunned for the non-electric or less advanced models

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electric wine opener. Those things are shit.

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I also use a low tech can opener and prefer low tech wine openers.

My old electric coffee grinder died. I am the only person in my house that drinks coffee, so I don’t need much capacity. I decided to buy a hand mill with ceramic burrs, which is much cheaper than an electric one and doesn’t take up any counter space. It’s also compact enough to travel with on road trips. I like it.

actually, I love mine.

They malfunction very easily IME. So I gave up. I’m pretty fast at opening wines by hand at this point.

Have had mine a couple of years, use it quite often, never a problem


Have used pretty much everything possible at some point
Screw & Pliers
Hammer & screwdriver (pound cork in)
Swiss Army knife
Wooden T handle
Plastic travel, cover comes off and goes through a hole to form a T
Folds out with piece to lever against bottle neck
Metal twist with arms that raise (this is the least I would want)
Lever style (Rabbit) with dual handles (this is real nice, storage bigger than the electric)

My spouse likes this fancy non-electronic “Wine Genie” lever contraption that has fallen apart to shit more than once. I fixed the original and the second is tenuously holding.

I use a little corkscrew that condenses to the size of chapstick and it works every time.

Personally I’ve not found automatic vacuums (Roomba, etc.) to be worth it. Might test it again soon, 4 years ago they just got stuck/broken and weren’t worth it.

Used to have a fancy fresh-grind coffee maker with an espresso attachment and everything, it broke all the time, they replaced it for free, it broke again. Now, we have a $25 Mr. Coffee brewer and it works.

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I pinch myself too often with these.

I have two of these on my desk right now. And no, I do not drink wine at my desk. I think I’ve taken them in my backpack on trips. But I have a new one I keep in its box when not in use that I bought at Total Wine.

Spouse has a manual canopener that slices off the top of the can. It’s beyond my capabilities. I threw it in the garbage once, so that led to a ‘conversation’.

My preferred coffee maker:

I have a moka pot, but prefer another low tech device for brewing coffee: an aeropress.


impregnating my wife


I still prefer the old fashioned way of doing that as well.

Manual transmission


Even better - riding my bicycle to get there. (Also qualifies as manual transmission, I guess. Though, wife has a bike-shifts-on-it’s-own-volition version)

I prefer sending morse code over texting.

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i prefer rubbing two sticks to start a fire

pour over ftw!

I’m the opposite. When I take students camping, they always want to boyscout the fire. Not me. I bring a propane torch, light it and lean it against the wood. Wait 3 to 5, guaranteed fire.