Low sodium diet

Getting old, have high blood pressure.

On top of meds, I’m collecting ideas for low sodium strategies without compromising taste.

MSG seems to be the top of the list. Delicious, cuts sodium significantly, and no adverse effects (naysayers go away).

Food that naturally have MSG are good. Been making tomato soup without adding salt, and it’s delicious.
Gonna try to eat more fish as well. Seafood in general are tasty without needing too much salt.

Potassium salt apparently is a thing. Never tried, heard it tastes bad.

Avoid the costco chicken

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I’m avoiding going out to eat in general.


Herbs and spices, citrus.

yeah, I’m going to use more MSG and spice and citrus.

Perhaps more sugar as well. Since I have low sugar intake in general.

If you cook for yourself you can control salt/sugar levels much more easily. If you’re heating up ready made meals, check the nutrition facts on the box.

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Hmm I thought MSG was in general not healthy. Will have to do some googling later.

People wanted to think that. A lot of it is based in racism. But it’s been extensively studied and no conclusive side effects have been found.

Agree MSG seems to be safe provided you don’t eat loads of it. Most people eat it regularly in prepared/packaged foods, as it’s generally labeled as something else.

Interesting. I remember my mom used to cook meat with Accent, which I think was basically MSG. There was a commercial about ABC’s: Accent Before Cooking.

Some people have reactions to it, so they should avoid it. The supermajority of people don’t.
Like the great gluten scare of 2010.


For those wondering what MSG tastes like, I dipped some on my finger yesterday and tried it. It tastes almost exactly like Doritos.

Doritos is almost completely covered with MSG. If you have reactions from eating Chinese food but not Doritos, you’re reacting to something else (hopefully not racism).


Stolen from elsewhere as I had to look up the ingredients to know if you are eating MSG when it’s not labeled as such.
If a processed food includes one of these naturally occurring ingredients, it contains MSG:

  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
  • Autolyzed yeast.
  • Hydrolyzed yeast.
  • Yeast extract.
  • Soy extracts.
  • Protein isolate.

This guy’s videos crack me up!!!


Pay attention to labels. I have two snacks here at my desk currently. The box of bland heart healthy Cheerios has 190mg/8% per serving. The really salty (and wonderfully delicious) smokehouse almonds have a smart eating logo have 150mg/7%.

Almost anything you buy prepared will have a ton of salt in it, but a lot of salt can also creep in from random condiments you might otherwise not count if you are keeping track. Hot sauce is good way to get half your daily salt intake with the chicken you just grilled.


i watch a lot of his videos. hilarious!

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I love Uncle Roger.

This thread made me want egg drop soup, but mr aj didn’t think that was enough for dinner, so he got me some kind of soup with dumplings and they were amazing.
Thank you.

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mmmm msg soup

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