Lots of Republicans are Fascists

So many thread choices, but I think we need to keep track of all these Fascists.
Here’s one now:

That represents a shift for state superintendents, away from a relatively quiet role focused on complying with regulations and facilitating school funding, said Josh Cowen, a Michigan State University education policy professor.

“It’s a very bureaucratic job,” Cowen said, “and these guys are turning it into a much more outward-facing, Twitter kingdom, ‘own the libs’ kind of job.”

Owning the libs is so much more important than education.

State Rep. Monroe Nichols, a Democrat who represents part of Tulsa, believes Walters is picking on his district as part of a play to demonize urban areas and school boards led by his critics.

“The challenge for us is, how do we in Oklahoma stop the bleeding on what is a national movement that will happen somewhere else if we allow it to happen here?” Nichols said. “You got Oklahoma, you got Texas, before you know it, you’ll see the same thing in Boise, Idaho, then you’ll see it pop up somewhere in Middle America, maybe in Ohio or something like that. You will start to see this happening across the country.”

Can only change (for the worse) the places you can win in. OK is one of those places.


All Is Not OK in Oklahoma

Does the wind still blow sweeping down the plains?

Kind of crazy to me that abortion and trans panic has resulted in Republicans actively harming our military capabilities. Are Republicans military doves now?

Asked by Collins whether he knows better than seven former defense secretaries who penned a letter in May arguing the hold was “harming military readiness and risks damaging US national security,” Tuberville said: “They were nominated, they weren’t elected. I was elected to represent the people of Alabama in this country.”

“I’m a senator,” Tuberville added, “I can hold any confirmation I want until we get some kind of confirmation of why you’re doing this” from the White House and Pentagon.

I enjoy his self-admission, “I was not nominated because I’m not an expert on this, so I’ll just muck things up for everyone.”

He’s also said that there were 7 four-star generals at the end of WWII, vs 47 now, therefore we don’t need all the promotions (don’t know exact numbers, magnitude correct).

I finally learned why he can do this. They can’t pass all the promotions in a single vote. unless it is unanimous, so instead would need to do an individual cloture motion and then confirmation vote on each and every promotion and given the length of time that a vote requires, that adds up to a ridiculous amount of time.