Looking for online college course in mathematical statistics for college credit

A college student who is considering an actuarial career asked for my advice on passing the first actuarial exam, and I suggested she take a course in mathematical statistics. By mathematical statistics I mean a first course in statistics, with a calculus prerequisite, that includes continuous probability distributions, moment generating functions, and maximum likelihood estimation. It turns out her college does not offer such a course, but is willing to allow her to take an online college course for credit from another school. While there are many exam prep courses around, these are not for college credit, and would not suit her needs.

Would you please suggest some colleges that have such a mathematical statistics course online, and that are likely to continue it online?

Thank you.

Penn State University STAT414
The content is just sitting here:

I don’t think it quite has everything needed (MLE), but it could be a good start for someone.


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