Litter security

I found those ez-tie garbage bags with the dog ears to be superior to drawstring bags when disposing of kitty litter. The drawstring ones always leave a tiny hole at the top which made me feel sorry for the rubbish man. Now I can dispose of feline excrement guilt-free.

You’re doing it wrong.


I mean my trash is picked up by mechanical arms and goes straight into the truck. I don’t think the machine cares what it touches.

But you do you.


Is that a $700 litter box that tells you when the cat went poop? Cause … I have a sister who has that, because she could.

former coworker of mine had a daycare provider who, upon picking up your children, would provide you with a poop-report. Imagine the time she could save if she had a litter box for the kids that would just send a text message to the parents.


We use old grocery bags. And I make the kids do it. Why have kids if you don’t make them do all the chores you don’t want to do?


Where I live we still have two guys hanging off the back of the truck that manually dump the contents of my bin into the truck…but they wear gloves…also, I’m pretty sure in their job description somewhere it says “You may have to get close to kitty litter.”

That’s why they get the big bucks.

I use used produce bags from the grocery store to empty the litter box. Goes right into the normal larger trash bag from there. Two layers of protection for the mechanical arm that picks up our trash.

Of course he’s doing it wrong. He’s new here, to Earth, based on these types of threads.

  1. Pull the draw strings tightly.
  2. Twist the top of the bag.
  3. Tie a knot with the drawstrings over the twisted bag part.

In my old stomping grounds, it’s still guys hanging off the truck. Occasionally, one of them falls off and gets hurt when they’re not putting their backs out picking up garbage cans.

Last time I remember seeing a want ad for that, the garbage hauler was offering $13 an hour and minimal benefits. For comparison, that was the same wage fast food places were offering, but with much better benefits.

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Who has actual people picking up their trash? What kind of third world country you live in?

Agree. The trucks around here have a right arm that picks up trash and puts it in a bin suspended in front of the truck, which is on an arm, which, when full, then goes up and over into the main compartment of trash, which is then compacted every so often.
A lot fewer WC claims, but probably a lot more automobile scratch claims.



Seriously, you have like the nicest people in the world, and you can’t figure out mechanical trash pick up?!?

Have to say, I’m reevaluation my immigration strategy after the next election.

i did that in college. job title was “Shaker” and was a filthy experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

haven’t seen live guys in a long time - all mechanical arm assisted with standard oversized rolling barrels.


Well, I hope you feel better after that.

It was a reference to NYC garbage collectors, I believe, who have to go through extensive training and get a rather decent pay (relative to people in the same role in other locales).

Sort of. It was more a reference to a poster that would troll AO threads claiming to be a NYC garbage collector raking in the big bucks.