Sometimes clicking on links here opens a new tab, and sometimes it changes the page on the same tab - then I end up closing that tab when I’m done looking at it because I’m used to links opening new tabs, so I need to open a new tab to get back to the forum…

I can’t figure out what the difference is in the links. Is there a setting somewhere? Maybe it’s just my computer (a Mac)…

Not sure if this helps but under preferences there is a menu on the left and under one of those items is a box to select open links in new tab.

Go to your icon -> preferences -> interface -> X Open all external links in a new tab

That should make it consistent.

For new users right now it’s set to open external links in the current page. I can change that so that (for new users) the default is open links in a new tab. Thoughts?

I generally click links with my mouse wheel which opens them in new tabs no matter what site I’m on.