Links for all SDM SOA Study Notes - 2022

In case you want to save some money, all of the SOA SDM study notes can be found online. Here are the links:

SDM-138-14: When and When Not to Vertically Integrate

SDM-179-19: Strategy to Beat the Odds

SDM-191-22: What Everyone Gets Wrong about Change Management

SDM-192-22: Cultural Change that Sticks

SDM-193-22: Accelerate!

SDM-172-18: CFO Forum: Market Consistent Embedded Value Basis for Conclusions, Apr 2016

How Business Dynamics Applies to Actuaries

SDM-194-22: The Hard Side of Change Management

SDM-184-19: Leaders as Decision Architects!data/papers/Beshears%20Gino%202015.pdf

SDM-185-19: HBR – Outsmart your Own Biases

SDM-186-19: A Case Study in Combating Bias

SDM-187-19: 20 Cognitive Biases that Screw Up Your Decisions

SDM-189-21: Capital Bias

SDM-190-21: Loving the One You’re With


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