Likely brief outages this tonite/this weekend

This evening our dev is updating the server that holds the front page of the website (not the forum) so it’ll be off an on intermittently. I suspect nobody cares if the www front page doesn’t work :).

this weekend sometime I’m also going to update the forum software (different server). That’ll require us to be offline for 3-5 minutes again. So if you error out, hang on we’ll be back shortly.

I don’t like taking the site offline for minutes at a time to do ongoing routine upgrades, but this forum software requires it.


Time to first byte down to 300ms! Woohoo! 200 ms here we come.

I can access via my phone app, but when I try to get on through the computer I get a mortgage company

Sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out. Developer is knee deep in the various websites right now. For those that care, we’re moving from apache to nginx. I’ve got some sites that we’re optimizing for speed (including that site you’re seeing) and nginx is faster than apache. Nginx and apache are sort of the ‘apps’ that serve web pages from the server to visitors.

One consequence of the change is that all the websites (including GoA) land on a primary website until the dev gets them tuned up. That’s what you’re seeing.

Should be cleaned up today sometime. It’s non-urgent on our end because we don’t have any websites right now that are doing any business, and I figure nobody cares about the GoA front page right now.

The forum is seperate from the homepage of the website, and is on an entirely different server. is on a server with all my various websites. (the forum) sits on it’s own server entirely. And there’s no current plans to do anything with the forum server right now other than the forum software update I mentioned, which will shut things off for a few minutes at some point.

In the meantime, just go to directly - that will work everywhere.

And also if anyone cares, since we’re in insurance, that ‘mortgage company’ website is going to be retailing life insurance to consumers, 100% online. Click, apply, policy delivery by email. No agent.