Life Reinsurance questions

What do you guys know ab out Life reinsurance and how it differs from working for a direct insurer? I have an interview at a reinsurer coming up and I am curious as to how it differs from regular life work. Does it pay more? I’ve heard the work can be a little more similar to consulting.

is the job in underwriting? reserving? modeling? asset stuff? cat modeling?

What kind of reinsurance? capital motivated stuff? longevity risk? individual excess? cat?

i am sure i left out some questions. i am sure there are roles and topics that would excite you. if offered one of those at agreeable terms, take it.

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If you help direct insurers design and develop a direct insurance product and reinsure it, the difference may be small. But sometimes it’s completely a different job when you design a life reinsurance cover for a direct insurer, like co, mod-co, etc.