Life reinsurance for analyst/associate level-like consulting or not?

I have been poking around for jobs with a recruiter lately, and I notice that a lot of postings he brings are for reinsurance roles. The roles sound interesting, but I have heard that reinsurance can be more like consulting, with the clients being the insurance companies you are working with. Can anyone confirm if that is the case, or is reinsurance generally more work than at a carrier, but less than a true consulting firm? I haven’t heard of billable hour targets in reinsurance like I have at places like Milliman, WTW, etc, but I definitely get the impression they work more than at a regular insurer, with the work generally being more “interesting”, if you will.

That’s my understanding as well, consulting will tend to be the worst work-life, carrier the best and reinsurance inbetween. Can also confirm if you’re working in reinsurance your clients will almost all be insurers, since it’s mostly insurers buying reinsurance.

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So no billable hours at a reinsurer?

not that ive seen. i am sure some might have billed hours for certain extra projects, but mainly paid for placing programs on commissions or fees

What about the structure-Is it mores actuarial oriented in nature? Seems like to me a higher percentage of employees at these places are actuaries when compared to a carrier.

Not sure tbh.