Life insurance in TV/books/movies/etc

Somebody brought the Apple+ series Bad Sisters to my attention, which involves the investigation of a life insurance claim

somebody else mentioned the Peacock series The Thing About Pam

and in my memories on facebook this morning, there was a Peter Gunn episode mentioned: The Murder Clause

it has James Coburn in it

Any others come to mind?

Yes, Double Indemnity is a classic…

SunAmerica The Movie

Bad Sisters is pretty funny. Especially since I have sisters.

1996 made for TV movie called Escape Clause.

I cannot seem to find much about it, and the wikipedia entry does not correctly match my memories of it . Andrew McCarthy is an actuary (wiki says insurance agent) who is accused of wife’s murder. Paul Sorvino is the investigating cop,

Along came Polly

The Rainmaker was a good film that is about a life insurance trying to strong-arm its way out of paying a claim. Definitely worth a watch and you can try to count it as CE

Obligatory post for “The Policy” by Patrick Lynch.
Protagonist is an actuary. Female actuary.


It’s A Wonderful Life = cash value life insurance vs suicide


The Billion Dollar Bubble was required viewing for new Transamerica employees in the 1980s. One of my early mentors at my first actuarial job, an ASA, had an actual Equity Funding policy. He said he got tons of requests from investigators asking about it.

I thought the movie Worth (about the 9/11 compensation fund) had some life insurance-related components.

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The imdb entry doesn’t have much, either

6 movies all life insurance agents should watch

Part of this movie is mandatory for ACAS wannabes as part of the CAS Course on Professionalism

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I think they still show it to nearly-FSAs at the FAC as well.

A recurring character in Hot in Cleveland is an actuary. When asked what an actuary is in the episode where the character is introduced he says “it has to do with insurance” and they really don’t discuss his job after that.

He ends up moving to Cleveland and it’s implied he’s able to work at his old job remotely from Cleveland.

Better than A Million Little Things where they write preposterous workplace dialog for one of the main characters, who is an actuary. They do rightly portray him as being quite ambivalent about the work but happy that it means he can afford a luxury car.

But he was almost never at work. He was always available during the day to handle the crisis du jour.

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Gary, from A Million Little Things?

Yeah, they stopped showing him at work, but the Season 1 scene where he was was just cringey.

He said he’s been WFH since Covid as it related to his ability to move to Lowell with Darcy and you do see him at his laptop sometimes. I surmise he’s working, and like many of us, spending a lot of time either posting on GoA or dealing with his friends’ crisis du jour.

Health insurance, isn’t it?