Lie vs Lay

Are people just using them interchangeably nowadays? I understand that language is what we make it to be, and I don’t think I’ve met a single person that uses lay correctly, so maybe it’s just time to define these as synonyms.

You lie down.
You lay something down.

If you lay down, that is in the past tense.

You lie low, not lay low.
You lie in bed, not lay in bed.
You can’t tell your dog to lay, that don’t make no sense. It’s not a chicken.

When to use lain?

Lay as the past tense of lie doesn’t sound right, so I don’t use it.

lie lay lain

lay laid laid

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lol grammar

Literally !

I always for get there’s an e in literally, since it’s never pronounced.

you pronounce it as lit-rally?

Like all proper subjects should!


As opposed to lid-er-uhlee

in my experience, people do use lay, but they use it in place of lie.

So it’s not lay that people don’t use, it’s lie.

Just had a craving for my favorite potato chips, Frito Lie

I just got lied.

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In your lair? Or are you a lying liar? Maybe I should just stay in my lain here.

lay in your lain

I’m going to ask that you belie that request.

belie belay belain


But I lay in bed last night!