Liberty Mutual Dress Code

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Anybody know the dress code at Liberty, specifically for a remote role and as it pertains to unnatural hair color and piercings?

I’m sure that the clothing for remote isn’t 100% formal but unsure about the hair.

Yellow shirt, black tie.

That is the extent of my knowledge of the Liberty Mutual Dress Code.

I also know State Farm’s and Honda Dealerships’.


put on an emu suit (not an emo suit), IMO.


Avoid white aprons and heavy red lipstick.

That’s all I gots.


I thought Liberty dumped business formal pre-pandemic.

I don’t think this is the exact question . . . rather, just how conservative is the view in regards to “wild” hair styles or “outrageously awesome” piercings.

Although, I will say having a (thin) chain from your ear to your nose to . . . inside your pants would be severely looked down upon. For any company.

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Haha, not quite that much. More than you’d expect from a typical office worker. The hair is my larger concern as it’s way more visible on camera.

Do you work there yet, or do you know a friend who is interviewing, and you are asking for said friend?

If they didn’t mention your (friend’s) appearance/hair/dress in the hiring process then do you (or your friend) need to worry?

F*** dress codes and the companies that still value them.

I have tattoos, a nose piercing, and dye my hair all shades of the rainbow and I KNOW some people at my company don’t love it but I DGAF. Fortunately our dress code policy doesn’t ban any of those things, as long as I’m not “distracting” with any of it.

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All I’m saying is that if I were considering you and found your appearance “distracting”, I would let you know during the hiring process. No need for me to waste your time if this WERE going to be an issue.

Facial hair (for men) was an issue here a long time ago. We always mentioned it. Most of the guys I was acquainted with cared more about the job than the mustache. But MAN, that feels like 100 years ago…


Considering I’m the one with tattoos and facial hair, I’d be pretty hypocritical to be judging on that.

Had my marketing person say that they needed to get ready for a zoom call. I suggested that they could show up in sweats and messy hair, nobody cares, but they were adamant about looking professional. Fine I guess, but since we are all working from home and most of our stuff is internal, that’s a personal choice, not an unspoken judgement they need to satisfy.

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So, Tattletales is not a company?