Lenovo ThinkPad Active Adapter disable alt-o shortcut

I’m in Excel, minding my own business, wanting to change a sheet name, so I alt-o-h-r, except Lenovo (ThinkPad X1) has overwritten alt-o to bring up their stupid “Intel Perormance Telemetry Active Adapter”…
What a royal pita. My quick googling has not turned up a solution to disable that. I don’t want to mess with regedit unless I am certain that I’m doing things properly.

Your thoughts?

p.s. the muscle memory in this old brain might not be able to re-wire in order to alt-h-o-r, but that might be my only solution.

my old brain was wondering where the “h” was in the sequence the first time. i got nothing to offer you

I think I mistyped/misremembered. I’ve edited the op to reflect the excel 97 command of alt o h r. Excel-whatever-this-monstrosity-is (360?) now uses alt h o r.

I’ll be honest, I don’t use Excel’s alt key shortcuts (though I probably should)…but can’t you press and release the alt key, then hit o-h-r? That might be slightly easier on the muscle memory than changing to h-o-r? I’m assuming the adaptor hot key only triggers if the alt and o keys are being held simultaneously.

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Yes, that’s the solution. Unfortunately, I’ll still need to train myself to pause after the alt…oh well. Thanks for the advice.

I’m assuming this is a work computer. If I purchased a computer with shitty bloatware that ruined basic functionality and it couldn’t be uninstalled, I’d return it.

It’s a home computer being connected to a work computer.

Yeah, opinion of Lenovo = opinion of Lenovo - 1.

I’m pretty happy with my new Lenovo. I didn’t care for my last Lenovo. But that was a $399 msrp laptop from Best Buy that was marked down, so an unfair comparison.

Alt+o does nothing on my new laptop. But it is AMD, not Intel, so I probably have another random key that brings up their toolbox or whatever manager is installed.

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If you have administrator access it seems like there should be some way to turn it off. I wonder if you can disable it under power or performance options in the BIOS.

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Yeah…that sounds complicated, but, fwiw, the problem has gone away, and the computer is acting like I would expect it to now. :man_shrugging:

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