Last large insolvency of life insurer?

I’m looking over this list:

And I’m trying to figure out how “big” these insolvencies were/are. Most specifically, I’m trying to determine if policyholders/annuitants have had any of their cash flows cut.

Any ideas of how to get the quantification?

Ask the NAIC

No idea, but the plot would make a great movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Maybe contact your state guaranty association and ask for info on a liquidated insurer. I might start with Reliance or Executive Life, but that’s a wild guess.

Since guaranty associations function on a state by state basis, it sounds like a project!

Nah. Staring James Woods and made for the BBC.

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Too bad he is retired

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The link to 2020 Insolvency Costs Workbook on this page should get you close.

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