Labor Day Weekend 2021

My wife is out of the country.
My kids are away at college.
I have no friends; just two dogs.
What should I do this weekend?
I’m fully vaccinated, but I live north of Dallas, where we control the COVID with our guns, not our brains.
Delta concerns me, and I hear Mu is a bitch.
Maybe I’ll catch up on all those actuarial articles I’ve been meaning to read…I hate reading.


Sleep in and figure out the video game system?

Order in?

Read a book?

Finally watch what YOU wanna watch?

Cry in your beer?

Tweak your 5 and 10 year financial plans?

Clean out your closet?

Order in food and get dessert?

Make a spreadsheet.

Catch up on meep’s blog? (It might count for CPD.)

(It’s entirely possible these are all things I would do if I could EVER get a weekend alone. Except the beer thing. I hate beer.)


Road trip to visit your friendly neighborhood moderator in Central IL.

It’s too bad the Tiger King’s place got shut down by Carole Baskin. That would’ve been a great roadtrip.

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Does he accept dogs?

I mean, Tiger Country is a Delta hotbed of folks taking horse size doses of Ivermectin to treat Covid, but otherwise—yeah, too bad.

He has a dog of his own. another docile dog is welcomed.

Cookie, the GR, is energetic and only obeys commands when he feels like it.
Honey, the GR-Lab-Misc, is energetic, prone to biting strangers, and usually comes when called…but won’t come when she’s on a barking rampage with the dog next door.

So, maybe next time the wife leaves me I won’t have dogs…or she’ll take them with her.

Celebrate labor by reading Mao Zedong thought

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Watch some good movies
Throw out stuff your wife won’t notice is gone
Go for a walk

Talk to corporate
Approve workflow
Write a memo
Hit on Deborah
Get reject
Fifth of vodka
Swallow sadness
Shit on Deborah’s desk
Meet a giant fish
Buy a gun
Chicken out

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You mean, like, myself?

You think I’m the boss or something?

I think the answer is to do whatever you want.

Or what you want that’s harder when the wife and kid(a) are around. Hard for us to tell you what specifically that entails for you.

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I waved in your direction. Pretty sure I didn’t go through where you are. Maybe when I trek back north from the Shithouse Po’.

Cairo, IL?

OK, a few steps above that. Though in the southern part of the state, with a few exceptions theu all kind of blur together.

We went to Chicago. Chicago was packed. Lot’s of folks hanging out spending money.

I helped daughter learn a bit of Excel, mowed my lawn, took the dogs on a walk, finished some computer work that’s been lagging, folded a bunch of laundry that’s been laying around, and overcooked some chicken.

Still to do: clean up desk in office, fix back door doorknob, and read all of those actuarial articles.

Went to see Shang-Chi. Quite enjoyable. Would recommend.