King of the North gets back into shape

I gained a lot of weight and now I need to lose it. I am in the middle of the exercise and diet. I started 2-3 weeks ago at 221 pounds and now I’m 214 pounds. I will post the exercise although the diet is doing most of the work.


Monday: Chest/tricep/shoulder weightlifting + ran 3 miles
Tuesday: Back/bicep/forearm weightlifting + ran 3 miles
Wednesday: Leg day + swam 30 minutes


suggestion: don’t “lose” weight. your subconscious will just try to find it again.

instead: “eliminate excess weight”. The eliminate has the connotation that you never want to see it again. the “excess” sets the standard that it’s not supposed to be there.

don’t forget rest day.

Update - I’ve been doing mostly running and core workouts last week. I’m down 10 pounds since the very beginning and back to weight lifting.

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I take a rest day at least once per week and a light workout day once per week

I’ve only lost a couple pounds but I can feel I’m losing fat. I think I’m just gaining muscle from the running too. My weight lifting is down now since I’m losing weight. I can only bench 205 lbs 5 reps now.

What do you do for diet? I’ve had much more success losing weight with diet than exercise.

Egg whites (helps with the weight lifting and weight loss), whole grain bread, spinach/avocado/tomato salads with balsamic vinegar (balsamic vinegar increases metabolism, protein shakes, lots of veggies for dinner with healthy meats such as chicken or salmon. No sugars. Cut as much cheeses as possible. Very little alcohol.

That is just a list of some examples. I of course like to mix up meals so I don’t get bored of it.

So much contradiction here…

  1. If you have not been lifting, and assuming you are getting older, it will take some time to get that lifting number back.
  2. You are not gaining muscle from running, unless it’s straight up a hill to exhaustion for ten reps.
  3. Weight lifting is down from losing muscle and forgetting form.

No matter, though. Keep up the weightlifting and running, though I will ask: how do you do both? I mean, I’m old, so I need recovery. I might hurt myself running the day after leg lifting (which is every day that I lift). I can usually lift after a running day, though. Cuz old.

I don’t run around leg day. I run every other day except rest day. I plan to start swimming on leg day when I start getting back in shape.

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I’m down 17 pounds since I first started. I’m feeling really good too. Running is getting much easier and pull-ups are easy now that I’m lighter. My bench press has been back up to 215 and I’m trying to get back to 225. Pretty much every other weightlifting exercise has been improving or getting easier to do a full set.