JWST thread

Anyone super excited about the upcoming launch?

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“Jersey Shore” Westcoast Trip?

Jesus Said Wait There?

Dyslexic Social Justice Warrior Tread abbreviation?


Yes all of those

What the hell is JWST, then?

Yeah I dunno this one either. I usually pick up on CS’s random opinion polls but I’m stumped.

I’m not, because I wasn’t aware of it, but it sounds cool now that I am.

33 days after launch is when it says we’ll have the first out of focus image, then another 2 months to calibrate and start getting science-quality images. I don’t see anything about how often images will be released though.

James Webb space telescope.

Hubble was good enough for me

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This will allow us to peer into God’s butt, and once he finds out the apocalypse will begin.

tbh, I’m fine with that as long as it’s swift. No multiple year ridiculousness please.

Or look the other way to see this


Less than 10 days to go…

If this thing blows up on the launchpad it would be a devastating day.

Have you been aware of the last few years? Its already begun!

Yes, that was kind of my point. I’m over the multiple years of suffering, I’d prefer an apocalypse.

3 more days…no pressure guys!

It’s happening…tomorrow…

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I’ll be at work but my daughters and wife will be watching.

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