Q: Why does Santa have such a big sack?

A: Because he only comes once a year.

Why did the AO chicken cross the road to GoA?

To play in the RPS tournament. ← clicky clicky

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People are saying that Tesla’s don’t have a new car smell

They have an Elon musk


I was quite surprised to hear the stationary store moved.


Last night I accidentally took my cat’s medication.

Don’t ask meow.

Last night I arrived early for my dinner reservation. I checked in at the desk and the manager said the table would be ready soon, would I mind waiting a bit. I replied, “No, that’s fine”

So, he handed me two glasses and said “Take these to table nine”

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If you would look up the word plethora for me it would mean a lot.

I was in the mood to tell everyone a funny new story about time travel, but you guys didn’t like it…

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I’m starting a new club for time travelers. If you would like to join, the first meeting was last Thursday at 7pm at the library.


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