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i’m not sure they want to bother going after people on top of this.

In our neck of the woods, if you don’t show up for jury duty they send the sheriff to come pick you up and then you get a lecture from the judge. Back when I worked in the office, we had the cops show up a couple of times for people.


The way to avoid it here is to not even fill out the jury duty questionnaire in the first place. Not sure they would go and find you if you did fill it out but failed to show up on the required date. Probably not.

I got out of federal jury duty with my MFE exam. I had already signed up to take it and was called for jury duty for a 3 month period where the date fell right in the middle of. I really wanted to do it so I tried to get them to just move me to the next time slot, but they just pulled me out completely.

I’ve never made it onto a jury. I got one summons (or whatever it’s called) right after I moved from KS to CO, I called them and told them I’d moved, and they just asked me to put that in writing with a signature and they would remove me. And then I went to the court house once in CO, sat around for three hours and they called me up and just dismissed me.

it must be different where you live. in new york, you can postpone the original date to a date of your choosing within 6 months. doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to hold anyone to the initial date and i’d assume it’s pretty easy to get out of that.


i’ve never been told to do jury duty. like i don’t exist

I got a questionnaire in like February 2020. I said fuck this, I’m not getting covid for jury duty and threw it out. It took them until 2021 to send me a threatening one. I got intimidated and responded to that one. Got called in like October. I was busy at work and didn’t feel well, so put it off until April 2022. Finally went and the mystery illness had come back by then and I thought I might actually die at jury duty. Thankfully I got called for that one case where you had the option to say no and then got dismissed entirely after just one day. I could have postponed when already there yet again, but I wanted to get it over with and prayed that I wouldn’t get on a case and it would be fast. you can only postpone for 6 months at a time and only the first postponement is automatic. after that you have to either go there and ask for it or get a doctors note or something.

In retrospect I should have responded to the 2020 questionnaire because it was within the time period of the last time I served where I would automatically be excused. Didn’t realize that. By 2021 it was outside that time period.

Now I’m free for a bunch of years.

When I served on a jury in NYC, they paid you minimum wage if you were not employed, or your employer cut your pay, and the equivalent of two subway fares per day if your employer kept paying you. That seemed fair to the jurors, if not to the employers.

My employer paid me, and I was on that jury once a week for months, so I got a lot of very small checks. Or maybe they gave me subway tokens, I don’t actually remember.

In my experience, you can postpone the day you first show up, but once you show up and get interviewed, and they give you the exact dates they expect you to serve, you either serve or get marked as “did their duty” if you have a legit conflict and can’t show up for the full trial.

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I went back to visit my family in Asia for a summer break in college. When I came back I saw a long expired jury duty notice in the mail. Had no idea what that was, nor did I think it was serious. Just ignored it. Didn’t receive any follow up notice or consequences as a result of ignoring it.

what if you don’t show up? i’m not sure what happens.

i just sucked it up and stayed and told them if i pass out or die, they might have to excuse me. i didn’t pass out. i didn’t want to use the postpone for 6 months when i was already there option. then i’d just have jury duty hanging over my head for 6 more months.

i thought they might have forgotten about me when i ignored the one in february 2020. it took them over a year to yell at me. i think the courts closed for a lot of that time though due to covid.

looking at my jury duty proof letter, you get paid $40 a day if you’re not already paid by an employer. that’s insanely low. civid duty my ass.

i suppose it’s not terrible if you’re just sitting in a room and never get on a trial, but if you do get on a trial, that’s real work.

I think our daily rate was $10, probably $15-20 now since min wage is $15

That is how it should be everywhere, but I am guessing that is fairly rare.

Where I live juror pay works out to 54% of minimum wage. It’s exempt from FICA tax though, so that bumps it up to 58.7%, although of course the income then also doesn’t go into your Social Security benefit, so probably somewhere in between those numbers if you tried to account for that. Point being, a whole heckuva lot less than minimum wage.

minimum wage in nyc is $15 an hour. $40 per day isn’t minimum wage.

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Mine was federal court too. My possibly incorrect assumption is that federal court has the same policy for jury duty nationwide. I would definitely assume the policy for state courts and county or city courts can vary from state to state and city to city.

To my mind, they are both worth each other. And it’s not the best time to watch such a show now. I just feel that it’s there on purpose to steal people’s attention from real issues and problems the country is going through.