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When did Jeopardy a tie breaker? they used to.just advance both

We tape jeopardy, and watched that show last night. Having seen this thread, I wasn’t surprised that the result was a tie breaker. What amazed me was the stupidity of the third place contestant, who also bet everything. She should have realized the relatively high likelihood of the tied contestants betting everything, which would mean she couldn’t win if either got it right, even if she bet everything. But with their actual bets, if both got it wrong she would have won, unless she bet everything. We could have seen no one return for the next day.

Once before I saw a tiebreaker, and I saw the show when no one had any money (I think it has happened only once.)

I saw that bad bet as well, another the other day where 2nd didn’t bet enough to cover 1st betting enough for her double up, if he was wrong

I also thought the tie breaker was obvious to a guess

but in the past I remember a leader betting the amount to tie 2nd if they doubled. I believe both moved on. obviously a move to.keep contestants from doing that on purpose

Of the three “guest hosts” so far, I like Ken the best.

Katie kept speaking tot he contestants like a 2nd grade class.

And I just don’t really like Oz overall. I think he’s a shyster.

None qualify for the permanent spot imo.

I think Ken could. Out of the small sample size of three.

Isn’t Meredith Viera is hosting, too?

I bet she does a great job.

The should bring in Anne Robinson for a whirl.

Four (the Producer) and I put them in declining order by appearance

Viera… yeah, someone with actual game show experience would be better than a mere “fan” of the show.
And I mean serious game show experience, not the latest desperation throwback shows in primetime, because only boomers watch TV.

We are waiting out the Oz Era.

Oz is awful. Katie OK but should not be invited back. I would be OK with Ken or the producer; I personally liked Ken better.

I forgot about the producer. He was good!

BTW, there is another Jeopardy thread.

This one:

Will probably get more traction b/c it’s in the “main” room people go to.

Geez, Aaron, if you are not a natural at this, you probably shouldn’t have bothered trying.

I await the point where the three contestants blitz him. Whaddya gonna do now, pretty boy?

Just reviewing Game Film

More con-TROV-ersy on J!.
Seems a particular semi-finalist loser didn’t clap enough for the winner (a Librarian who knows books pretty well) on the air. OMG cancel the guy!!!
He tweeted something later congratulating her. (But that means it was a month or two later from taping.)

Now also out as exec producer.

This current run is amazing, guy seems pretty humble about it

Last night I felt the guy in 2nd would have won against most other competitors

Dude is quirky. Wondering how he got past the personality test (assuming there is one).

We are no longer recording it, so I’ve seen only one. Wondering how one of those other contestants passed the intelligence test, assuming there is one.

So I just saw this guy has won 31 days in a row. That feels really impressive.